English language courses

General English language

General English language courses at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL provide you with the skills and confidence required for successful communication in English. ST NICOLAS SCHOOL organizes general English courses for adult ...
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Business English courses

If you are involved in the business world, this is a course for you. There are five levels – A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. Every business English course at ...
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In-Company Courses

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL also organizes customized courses in different companies. Our experienced teachers devise linguistic training programmes which focus on specific needs and areas of business, and the lessons are ...
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One-to-one lessons

One-to-one lessons are the best option for achieving maximum progress over a short period of time. This course is 100% focused on your language needs and your teacher designs it ...
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Conversation courses

Our Conversation Courses are a great opportunity for you to develop and improve your communication skills. Lessons take place in small groups so that everyone has as much time as ...
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English Courses for IT sector

This course which we offer at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is for information technology and computer science students or for people who already work in the IT sector. English for information ...
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Preparation Courses for Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, TOLES and SAT Exams

Preparation Courses for Cambridge English Exams ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers preparation courses for Cambridge English exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers, FCE, CAE, CPE). Preparation for Taking the IELTS Exam Preparation course ...
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English Courses for Lawyers

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL also offers an English language course for lawyers. This course is designed so that anyone who needs to talk about the law in a business environment is ...
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English Courses for Pilots and Flight Controllers

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL organizes an English language course for airline specialists, especially for pilots and flight controllers. It is designed to help the students pass the ICAO exam level 4 ...
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English Courses for Cabin Crew

This specialized course provided by ST NICOLAS SCHOOL teaches students how to communicate clearly, convincingly and politely in a number of different situations on the plane. English for the cabin ...
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English for Hotel and Catering Industry

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers this course which contains simple, functional language needed to work with customers and colleagues in different situations, from receiving reservations to dealing with complaints. Focus is ...
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English for Engineers

This course in ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is intended for engineers, technicians and technical managers of all branches of engineering. Specialized disciplines and specific engineering projects often require knowledge from at ...
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English for Insurance Professionals

Insurance is a global business where communication in English plays an increasingly important role. ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers a comprehensive course for those who deal with this business and have ...
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