About Us

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Established in 1999, ST NICOLAS SCHOOL has 20 years of experience teaching foreign languages to students of different ages and backgrounds.

Since opening the first school in Block 70 in New Belgrade until today, ST NICOLAS SCHOOL has grown into one of the most popular language schools in the city with classrooms in ten different locations.

Our aim is to help every single student who enrolls a course at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL to make a progress, and in order to do that, we offer you:

  • High quality teaching from well-qualified teachers
  • Small, learner-centred classes
  • One-to-one feedback meetings with your teacher whenever necessary
  • Regular in-class progress tests
  • The latest facilities, learning materials and resources

Quality Teaching

All teachers at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL are well-qualified and many have years of experience. They are supportive, professional and focused on helping you achieve your personal goals. It is their job to ensure you learn effectively, but also that you feel relaxed and that you have fun along the way.

Small, learner-centred classes

We offer classes in groups of 3 to 8 students. This means that you will enjoy personal attention from your teachers and this will help you make faster progress. All our teachers plan learner-centred and fast-paced interactive lessons so that students are motivated to learn.