All prices, as well as business terms and conditions, are identical on all our locations.

Our teaching provides students with more than what they can learn from a school curriculum, because focus is on communication and practical use of language. If a child needs to be prepared for a test or oral examination at school, there is the possibility of taking extra lessons aimed only to prepare for school, and this at a very reasonable price.

The textbooks are included in the price of the course, as well as all other related costs.

There are a lot of intensive courses in our school, and we can always adjust the pace of the lessons in agreement with the students.

Our school has been certified by several international institutions for issuing recognized language certificates. In addition, the certificates issued by our school are recognized both in our country and abroad, but it is certainly necessary to always check with the employer or institution where you are applying for a job (or any other purpose), which certificates they recognize and what exactly you need to provide.

It is possible to change the group during the course if for some reason you are not satisfied with the progress dynamics, the composition of the group or the lecturer.

If you have regularly attended classes, passed all the tests and paid your course in full, you are entitled to a certificate. It will contain your data, the name of the course that you have successfully completed, i.e. level markings in accordance with the Common European Framework, as well as the period you attended the course.

For many years now we have been engaged in translating, so you can contact any of our 10 locations if you want a text or a document to be translated. For certain languages ​​we can also provide an authentication of a court interpreter.

Our youngest students successfully learn foreign language through play, movement, singing and communication with other children and the teacher, although they have not mastered writing yet. There is also a whole series of teaching elements, through which they, with the constant supervision of our teachers, progress very quickly and succeed in learning a great number of words and expressions, as well as in understanding the basic communication.

The level of students’ knowledge is determined on the basis of FREE testing in the school premises after which our qualified teachers determine the exact level of the students’ knowledge. The student is then advised which course to start and then they join the group together with other students who have the same level of knowledge.

In general courses, the adults have lessons twice a week in duration of 90 minutes whereas our youngest students attend classes twice a week for 45 minutes. As already stated above, there is a possibility of intensifying the lessons if the whole group wants it.

It is advisable that all of our students regularly do homework at home, as well as spend a certain amount of time revising the material that has been covered. There is no precisely determined amount of time that you need to spend at home revising a foreign language since some people learn foreign languages faster and and some take longer, but with the regular attendance and revision of the material at home, we guarantee that you will successfully learn a foreign language.

There is no precisely defined time for the best time to start learning a language, but everyone agrees in one: the sooner, the better.

Your child will be under the constant control of our highly qualified teachers and will learn the foreign language ​​according to the latest worldwide recognized programmes. Therefore, if the child is diligent and adheres to the guidance given by the teacher in class, your child will surely master the foreign language. In addition, during the school year our students have periodic tests showing the extent to which the student progresses, so that any difficulties in mastering the material can be reacted to timely. Also, parents can talk to our teachers throughout the year if they feel that their child is not progressing enough or if they want to check if their child is regularly attending classes and doing homework.

It is absolutely possible to learn two or more foreign languages ​​at the same time; you just need to invest more time and effort.

In our general courses, the emphasis is on developing all four foreign language skills at the same time: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Grammar is an integral part of every language system, so it is necessary to devote some time to its study in order to understand how a language works. However, grammar is not taught as something dry and difficult, but we try to make you understand it through its practical use in conversation.

There is a possibility to pay the course in monthly installments, as well as to pay the full course fees in which case you receive an additional 5% discount.

There is the possibility of teaching outside the premises of our school, but this option applies only to companies and institutions that want a larger number of their students to attend classes.

The advantage of group classes is primarily reflected in the fact that you will communicate with more people and at the same time listen to other group members. In this way, you will lose fear of errors and communicate more freely in a foreign language. The main advantage of individual teaching is the opportunity for the teacher to devote the whole class only to you and to focus on the segment of the foreign language that is the most difficult for you. Also, you can select topics to process in individual classes by yourself. In addition, you can set the appointments with the professor and they do not have to be fixed as opposed to group classes.

Classes are held 7 days a week. Working hours vary in some locations, so it is best to call the desired location directly and check all other details with them.

There is often a certain number of groups that attend classes changing shifts every week, so you can join them. If there is no such group, we offer you the option to join one of the groups that do not change shifts and, additionally, to have a certain number of individual classes to compensate for the covered lessons.

If you feel that this is not an appropriate level for you, tell the school secretary immediately and we will schedule you an interview with an experienced teacher who can advise you on the best solution for you. In case you are really in the wrong group, we will transfer you to the group of the appropriate level without any problems.

All of our groups have a maximum of 8 participants, although this number usually does not exceed 5 participants.

We offer many different discounts that our students can get and they vary from 5 to 50%. If a student already gets a discount, there is no possibility of adding other discounts.

The courses are held throughout the year. Children’s group classes start in September and last until June. Adults start with classes in a group as soon as a minimum of three students who are interested in the same course and are at the same level of knowledge are registered. Individual classes are held in accordance with students’ needs and abilities.

You should always check with the University you want to apply for, which foreign certificates they recognize and what number of points you need to score on the test. In our school you can prepare for taking a large number of internationally recognized exams, and you can take a certain number of these exams in our school.

Our teachers are graduate philologists, and a certain number of our teachers have world recognized certificates in the field of foreign language teaching.