Insurance is a global business where communication in English plays an increasingly important role. ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers a comprehensive course for those who deal with this business and have to communicate with colleagues, business partners and clients in English. The course is suitable for those whose level of knowledge is at level B1, B2 and higher.

English course for employees in insurance companies contains a whole range of relevant topics, key phrases for effective communication, corresponding professional terminology, authentic simulation of workplace situations, and plenty of discussion opportunities where learners can speak from their own experience.

This course in ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is intended for engineers, technicians and technical managers of all branches of engineering. Specialized disciplines and specific engineering projects often require knowledge from at least two engineering branches simultaneously.

So, with the exception of highly specialized terminology related exclusively to their own field, all engineers must know the common language of general technical terms, as well as to have language skills in everyday correspondence.

English  course for engineers contains exactly this type of language input.

The main focus of the course is more on listening and speaking, i.e. active use of English in dialogues and discussions than exclusively on the memorization of technical terms.

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers this course which contains simple, functional language needed to work with customers and colleagues in different situations, from receiving reservations to dealing with complaints.

Focus is on key phrases and thematic vocabulary. The themes reflect the real contexts that the students will encounter in their work.

The course covers the following thematic units:

  • Telephoning
  • Receiving reservations
  • Apologising
  • Receiving guests
  • Polite  requests and answers
  • Instructions
  • Asking for information
  • Giving information
  • Answers to requests and complaints
  • Describing meals
  • Providing help and advice
  • Paying
  • Greetings


This specialized course provided by ST NICOLAS SCHOOL teaches students how to communicate clearly, convincingly and politely in a number of different situations on the plane.

English for the cabin crew also covers a range of related topics, such as explaining meals and services, solving seat-related problems and helping sick travelers.

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL organizes an English language course for airline specialists, especially for pilots and flight controllers. It is designed to help the students pass the ICAO exam level 4. 

The main focus is on the language needed for communication in unusual and / or emergency situations during flights.

English language training for pilots and flight controllers is focused almost exclusively on improving their skills in listening and speaking.

Successful verbal communication is necessary to ensure safety in civil aviation traffic.

A certain level of fluency in speech is required because controllers must communicate with several planes simultaneously and cannot wait too long for the pilot to transmit the message.

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL also offers an English language course for lawyers. This course is designed so that anyone who needs to talk about the law in a business environment is provided with the linguistic knowledge necessary for confidence in their work. Lawyers are especially careful in the language usage and must be sure that the course will enable them to communicate accurately and that they will understand correctly what they read and hear.

Attorneys and lawyers who work in international corporations and law firms need to understand documents written in English with legal terms and to communicate successfully with colleagues in English. Our teachers will help you to gain the necessary knowledge to do so.

Bearing in mind the fact that ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is an authorized center for the preparation and taking TOLES exams, our students have the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certificate for their knowledge of legal English. Read more about it here.

Preparation Courses for Cambridge English Exams

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers preparation courses for Cambridge English exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers, FCE, CAE, CPE).

Preparation for Taking the IELTS Exam

Preparation course for the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) helps you to get the results you need for immigration, studies or employment in a country where English is native language.

IELTS is recognized as a condition for enrolment in most British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities.

The IELTS exam is also recognized by many employers and government immigration agencies as evidence of owning  English language skills.

ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offers preparation courses for both general and academic IELTS exams.

Preparation Course for the TOEFL Exam

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a preferred English language qualification and a requirement for enrolment on universities in the United States and Canada.

Enrolment on the TOEFL exam preparation course at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is an important first step towards your success.

Many students know that only knowledge of English is not enough to prepare for the TOEFL exam. In order to succeed in this test, students need specialized exam skills and strategies.

Preparation Course for SAT Exam

SAT is a standardized test that has to be taken at most colleges in the United States when enrolling  .

The exam lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes and consists of three parts: mathematics, critical reading and writing.

Preparation for TOLES exams

These exams should be taken by those students who wish to test their Legal English Skills. There are three levels of this exam: Foundation, Higher and Advanced.

This course which we offer at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL is for information technology and computer science students or for people who already work in the IT sector. English for information technology is important because of two related reasons: globalization and the Internet.

It contains topics which reflect the latest trends in this field, making it relevant to the needs of the participants.

Authentic material in the book covers a wide range of IT topics, with content taken from textbooks, newspapers, popular magazines about computers, websites, manuals and advertisements.

Our Conversation Courses are a great opportunity for you to develop and improve your communication skills. Lessons take place in small groups so that everyone has as much time as posible to speak. The teachers will help you to improve both the accuracy and the fluency of the speech by carefully correcting the mistakes and encouraging practice.

Learning grammar is pointless if there is not enough opportunity to use it when speaking. Conversation is the central aspect of language learning and activities in this course help not only to improve speaking skills, but also to encourage listening and understanding.

Conversation Course at ST NICOLAS SCHOOL aims to increase the confidence and active memory of students through rich and varied discussions on numerous topics. Lessons usually include debates, discussions, work in pairs (with other students) and presentations.

 Note: This program should be attended as a supplement to some other course.

One-to-one lessons are the best option for achieving maximum progress over a short period of time. This course is 100% focused on your language needs and your teacher designs it to meet your requirements.

“One-to-one” is the most flexible and the most personal  course we have in our ST NICOLAS SCHOOL offer.

You can also combine individual lessonss with a course in a group. This is a great way to speed up your progress.

An individual lesson of a foreign language means personalized attention – you will receive undivided attention of the teacher, guidance and feedback specific to you and your goals.